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1. Nighthawk

2. Cornish Patsy

3. Gridlock

4. Polly's Song

5. Bertollitia Excelsa

6. Texas Nexus

7. Rolling

8. Slideaway

9. Open Road

10. Blue Monday

11. Strumtastic

12. Rockabilly Jo

13. Bertollitia Excelsa (Acoustic Reprise)


Guest Musicians:

Drums - Henry Spinetti & Steve Jackson

Bass - Guy Pratt

Keyboards - Paul Harris

Percussion - Frank Ricotti & Willie Wilson

Fiddle - Martin Bell

Harmonica - Alan Glen

National Guitar - Steve Turner


All titles published by Audio network Plc.

1 Bullet biter

2 Chapel Point

 3 Seven veils

4 Zhongguo

5 Rattlesnake shake

6 Tallahassee two-step

7Desert sun

8 Rodeo drive-by

9 Abandonado

10 Hanging tree

11 Transatlantic session

12 Sunset serenade

13 Ghost rider

14 Tim Renwick’s ukulele orchestra


All instruments Tim Renwick except…

Percussion and drums  Willie Wilson

& Henry Spinetti (Track 6)


Fiddle    Hudson Swan (Track 7)

Banjo    Tony Taylor (Track 10)

Programming    Martin Bell (Track 4)

Piano  Pete Wingfield (Tracks 6 and 12)


Mixed with Martin Bell


Artwork Miranda and Simon Fraser, Ben Perry.

Manufactured by Akcent Media Ltd.

Photo by Anne Burghard.


All music composed and recorded by Tim Renwick.

1 Mr Big Noise

2 Carolina

3 Mississippi Mist

4 Rolling Rock

5 Straight, No Chaser

6 What`s Up Doc?

7 Black Day At Jenkins Creek

8 Couldn`t Give A Tuppenny

9 Smooth Operator

10 Rollin` & Tumblin`

11 On The Road

12 Shoe Shine Shuffle

13 Swamp Thing

14 Beer Buzz

15 Jambalaya

16 Southside Serenade

17 BB Good

18 Knee Trembler

19 Couldn`t Give A Tuppenny (Reprise)


Tim Renwick - All Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Ukelele, National Steel Guitar & Bass Guitar

Drums - Pete Thomas

Bass - Paul Riley, David Bronze

Piano - Pete Wingfield

Electric Piano - Geraint Watkins

Organ - Toby Chapman

Harmonica - Alan Glen, Lee Sankey

Saxes - Nick Payn, Andy Hamilton

Trumpet - Noel Norris

Accordian - Geraint Watkins

Fiddle - Bob Loveday

Banjo - Dave Lindsay

Tuba - Frank Tomes

Percussion – Frank Ricotti, Pete Thomas

Horn arrangements – Nick Payn


Recorded at - The Blues Loft Mortlake, Harbour View Cornwall, Bonaparte Rooms Twickenham, Curtis Schwartz Studios Ardingly

Engineered by Paul Riley, Tim Renwick, Curtis Schwartz & Martin Bell

Mixed by Curtis Schwartz at Ardingly

Digitally mastered by Chris Madden

Thanks to Alex Black & Stephen Cole


All titles written by Tim Renwick for Imagem Production Music

Tim and Hovis on a Beach at home in Cornwall
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Tim and Hovis on a Beach at home in Cornwall
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Tim and Hovis on a Beach at home in Cornwall
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